Sunday, March 10, 2013

Kindle Fire Giveaway!

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Friday, January 11, 2013


It is COLD outside, and each morning the car is iced over with frost, snow, etc and must be warmed up before leaving the house. I tend to run out and start the car so it can un-thaw and warm up while the kids are walking the dog in the yard, and Nick is watching out the window to ensure everyone stays safe. I also roll down the front window just in case the door locks while the car is running, because I don’t know where the spare key is. Except the day I forgot to roll down the window. That was also the day the doors decided to randomly lock. WHILE THE CAR WAS RUNNING. It is so nice to know that a locksmith will come right over and unlock the door for you and let you in, without to much laughing so you can be on your way.
I am lucky to live in a Metropolitan area, so a Boston Locksmith affiliated company could come to my rescue quickly, but I am sure that there are companies to come to your rescue too, no matter where you live :) I was quite embarrassed that this happened, and I will be getting a duplicate key made to prevent future incidents, but things happen. Yesterday, I learned that my kids are taking after me. I got THREE calls from the school within the first NINE minutes the kids were there. Two children forgot their shoes (they'd worn their snow boots and needed sneakers for PE, and the third child wore his regular shoes and forgot his snow gear, and needed it for recess so he wouldn't freeze). I gathered everything up, and drove it to the school thinking I'd stop at the grocery on the way home, since I was out. I got to the school and realized I'd left my purse and wallet at home, just grabbing my keys as I headed out. I can't be too mad at them when I am so forgetful too! Let's just blame it on all the cold air and excitement about the extended presence of snow that we southerners aren't used too :)
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PS3 Repair

My kids LOVE playing video games, and we tend to only buy the games that encourage them to be physically active while they are playing. I t is COLD outside and we have a couple of feet of snow on the ground, and they have had the flu/strep, so I don’t want them playing outside for too long, yet they do need to be active. A game console can be part of the solution. Until it breaks. These things do happen, especially when used regularly for several years. However, they are too expensive to simply replace. There are videos online that show you how to repair, which is fine for simple things, but when it comes to electronics, I feel much better having an expert repair it, and the cost is significantly less expensive than replacement. For those worried about achievements, saved games, reaching "special levels", etc. repair companies can also normally save all of that data, unless your HDD was corrupted or damaged, which I've heard is quite rare.
For a system that is used frequently for many different purposes, such as our PlayStation 3, I can' t imagine being without it for an extended period of time. Finding a company with a high success rate, good reputation, and the ability to perform PS3 Repairs within 48 hours on most systems, is a resource that has been added to my HOME REPAIR binder. We use this not just for the fun of video games, but also for exercise videos, music, and watching movies as a family. 
Console systems are not inexpensive, and we've had ours for a while. We typically DO get the extended warranties on these (we have kids, we know things happen) but ours has outlasted the warranty. We still don't want to run out and buy a new system if something happens to this one, so *should* something happen, I would definitely look into the lower cost alternative of repair over replacement. Y'all know I am practical, I like to save when and where I can so we can splurge in important areas later. 
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Friday, January 4, 2013

Process Servers

Process Servers offer a great service for those who need to have papers served, because they are licensed and bonded, which protects your interests. It also ensures they have proper training to execute your transaction properly, so as to not cost you additional time and money due to even minor mistakes. Because they are a neutral third party, you do not have to worry about an ugly confrontation that could cause additional problems.

Every state has their own licensing process, and to the best of my knowledge every state offers a license to process servers. This benefits all of us, because sometimes you may need to bring litigation against someone who lives in another state. It would be much more beneficial for someone living in Texas to hire maryland process servers than for them to try to plan a trip to do it themselves. Why? One factor is the cost. You’d have airfare, hotel, rental car, food, and other miscellaneous expenses. In addition, you’d have to learn what the laws, rules, and regulations were for the state you’d be travelling to, because one mistake could cause your entire suit to be dismissed. It would be much more financially prudent to hire someone who is licensed and knowledgeable about the process in that area. They could receive the documents, serve them, and complete any and all required documentation on their end to send back to you.

Even if you are local to the party you need to serve papers too, it would be wiser in most cases to use a professional. You always want to make sure you are staying within the boundaries of the law and not missing any minor piece of the puzzle that could risk your position, and that’s before you consider any confrontation that could occur, depending on the situation involved. Your suit may be a simple matter both parties agree on, but needs to go through the court system, it could be an ugly battle that one or both parties could become hostile over, or anywhere in between. In may layman’s opinion, this type of situation is always best handled by a professional. It’s likely easier and less expensive when all factors are considered.

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Shaving is something that isn’t really fun or pleasant, but if it’s not done carefully, with quality products, it can be so very painful. There is an art to getting a good, close, lasting shave while avoiding cuts and nicks. Put together and womens or mens shaving kit as a gift idea for graduates, newlyweds, or anyone! Here are some tips and techniques that I suggest:

If you are a woman, soak in the tub or take a warm shower. Shave at the end so that the warm water has time to soften your skin, and you’ll get a closer shave. For men, shave in the shower (also at the end) or place a warm washcloth on your face for a few minutes before shaving to let the water do it’s magic.
Use a good shaving cream or lathering shave soap to help moisturize your skin and provide a smooth shave.
Use a quality razor. The cheap ones I have tried in the past gave me tons of nicks and cuts, and didn’t last for one shave. Using a good razor, I can get a nice, cut free shave (be sure to change blades regularly).
Shave in the direction the hair is growing to avoid in grown hairs. On certain areas, you may need to shave in multiple directions (example: underarms). If you need to go over an area a second time, reapply shaving cream to that area. It will give you a smoother shave AND help prevent cuts and nicks while also providing moisturizer for the area.
Apply oil or moisturizer when you are done to avoid dry skin. I LOVE the way this makes my skin feel. Because I have sensitive skin, I avoid any oil or lotion that is scented just after a shave, or it gets irritated. Save the kind that smells good for later in the day, and use the kind that is more for function just after a shave.
Clean the blade when you are done. Make sure you rinse off all leftover hairs, oils, creams, etc. I like to pour some rubbing alcohol over mine, to ensure no bacteria are going to grow. If I do get a cut or nick I don’t want it to get infected. Dab some antibiotic ointment on cuts and nicks also, to help ward off infection.
Don’t dry your blade on your towel, it will just dull the blade.

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Friday, December 21, 2012

Jackson, WY

Being a military family, we’ve been fortunate to visit many places over the years, but still have several places on our list of places we want to travel to. One such place is Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Why? Because as a teenager, I had a science teacher who worked summers at Yellowstone National Park, and she was based near here. She showed us fabulous pictures of her time there, and I’ve wanted to visit ever since. I think it would be such an educational place to take my kids to see and experience.

There are some amazing hotels in Jackson WY, one of which is the Rusty Parrot. They cater to families and couples, there are packages to meet most every need. I would love to take advantage of the owner's suite, the master bedroom is a delightful retreat, with an adjoining room for my kids to sleep in. I would make sure to take advantage of the spa facilities to help me relax and unwind. My kids would love the Wolves and Grizzlies package. We could stay 2 nights in the Rusty Parrot and get orientated with the wildlife biologists before departing for Yellowstone. Our small group would travel in a custom safari vehicle with our own biologist to take us around to see grizzlies, wolves, and other wildlife in their natural habitat. Of course we'd also get to see Old Faithful and the other natural wonders in the park as well. This is something I'd never try to do on my own, I'd definitely want the expertise of someone familiar with the area to keep us safe! I also love the fact that the package is all inclusive, so the four nights hotel in the two locations, the guide, safari van, and all meals and non-alcoholic beverages and gratuities are included in the price you are quoted. You can pay in advance and travel stress free, allowing for a perfectly relaxing and educational adventure.

There are other package available too, this is just the one I know my kids would be over the moon to experience. If it was up to me, my whole trip might be spend in the European Spa :)

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012


In preparation for the new year, I plan to renew this blog. What types of reviews and features would you like to see?