Friday, January 11, 2013


It is COLD outside, and each morning the car is iced over with frost, snow, etc and must be warmed up before leaving the house. I tend to run out and start the car so it can un-thaw and warm up while the kids are walking the dog in the yard, and Nick is watching out the window to ensure everyone stays safe. I also roll down the front window just in case the door locks while the car is running, because I don’t know where the spare key is. Except the day I forgot to roll down the window. That was also the day the doors decided to randomly lock. WHILE THE CAR WAS RUNNING. It is so nice to know that a locksmith will come right over and unlock the door for you and let you in, without to much laughing so you can be on your way.
I am lucky to live in a Metropolitan area, so a Boston Locksmith affiliated company could come to my rescue quickly, but I am sure that there are companies to come to your rescue too, no matter where you live :) I was quite embarrassed that this happened, and I will be getting a duplicate key made to prevent future incidents, but things happen. Yesterday, I learned that my kids are taking after me. I got THREE calls from the school within the first NINE minutes the kids were there. Two children forgot their shoes (they'd worn their snow boots and needed sneakers for PE, and the third child wore his regular shoes and forgot his snow gear, and needed it for recess so he wouldn't freeze). I gathered everything up, and drove it to the school thinking I'd stop at the grocery on the way home, since I was out. I got to the school and realized I'd left my purse and wallet at home, just grabbing my keys as I headed out. I can't be too mad at them when I am so forgetful too! Let's just blame it on all the cold air and excitement about the extended presence of snow that we southerners aren't used too :)
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