Friday, January 4, 2013


Shaving is something that isn’t really fun or pleasant, but if it’s not done carefully, with quality products, it can be so very painful. There is an art to getting a good, close, lasting shave while avoiding cuts and nicks. Put together and womens or mens shaving kit as a gift idea for graduates, newlyweds, or anyone! Here are some tips and techniques that I suggest:

If you are a woman, soak in the tub or take a warm shower. Shave at the end so that the warm water has time to soften your skin, and you’ll get a closer shave. For men, shave in the shower (also at the end) or place a warm washcloth on your face for a few minutes before shaving to let the water do it’s magic.
Use a good shaving cream or lathering shave soap to help moisturize your skin and provide a smooth shave.
Use a quality razor. The cheap ones I have tried in the past gave me tons of nicks and cuts, and didn’t last for one shave. Using a good razor, I can get a nice, cut free shave (be sure to change blades regularly).
Shave in the direction the hair is growing to avoid in grown hairs. On certain areas, you may need to shave in multiple directions (example: underarms). If you need to go over an area a second time, reapply shaving cream to that area. It will give you a smoother shave AND help prevent cuts and nicks while also providing moisturizer for the area.
Apply oil or moisturizer when you are done to avoid dry skin. I LOVE the way this makes my skin feel. Because I have sensitive skin, I avoid any oil or lotion that is scented just after a shave, or it gets irritated. Save the kind that smells good for later in the day, and use the kind that is more for function just after a shave.
Clean the blade when you are done. Make sure you rinse off all leftover hairs, oils, creams, etc. I like to pour some rubbing alcohol over mine, to ensure no bacteria are going to grow. If I do get a cut or nick I don’t want it to get infected. Dab some antibiotic ointment on cuts and nicks also, to help ward off infection.
Don’t dry your blade on your towel, it will just dull the blade.

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

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